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'HELLISH GOD', details of debut full-length album revealed

A few days ago, Satanic Death Metal from Italy, HELLISH GOD have been proclaimed the art of debut full-length album to be released in early January 2018, exactly 8th.2018 through the flag of Everlasting Spew Records.  While, The art was crafted by Indonesian 'Adi Dechristianize'

"The Evil Emanations" is the title of album and conceptually focused on Qlipoth, metaphorical shells which represent evil spiritual forces in the Jewish mysticism.  this album showcase 10 tracks of blasting Death Metal influenced by acts such as Azarath, Rebaelliun, Krisiun and Abhorrence!

Vocalist Mattia Tya De Fazio states:
"It has many facets, both compositional and conceptual but the composition process was totally spontaneous and homogeneous.

Of course, I can say I am very proud of the final result! It sounds compact and extremely true, authentic..."

While, Drummer Luigi Contenti added:
 "This album is the natural evolution of Impure Spiritual Forces, it sounds very natural, effective and damn old school! If compared to the previous work its most obscure component is totally exalted!"

1. Kelim Shattering Illumination
2. Qlipoth
3. Anti-Cosmic Decree
4. The Hindering Ones
5. Tagimron Is Summoned
6. Burning The Infidel
7. Choronzonic Hellfire
8. Agitator Shall Be Triumphant!
9. I Am Belial
10.Marching With The Accuser

HELLISH GOD was born in 2015 by the insane minds of Luigi Contenti and Michele Di Ioia.  Their intent is simple: plays Satanic Death Metal in vein of bands as Deicide, Diabolic and Rebaelliun.

On May 2017, Stefano Malgaretti (Ex Imposer - Ex Voids Of Vomit) joined band as Bass player and backing vocals.

Michele Di Ioia : Guitars,Backing Vocals
Luigi Contenti :Drums
Stefano Malgaretti : Bass, Backing Vocals

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