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OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2018 (20th) ANNIVERSARY : July 18-22,Battlefield-Trutnov-Czech Rep. - Suffocation, Gruesome, Expurgo, ČAD, Desecration, Self Destruction added to the line up, and new poster revealed

Next year on July, 18-22 at Battlefield - Trutnov - Czech Rep, The 20th Anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 will be held.   Today, we published news from this festival.


A few days ago, They have announced that US,Florida Death Metal 'GRUESOME' will be there.   It is certain that GRUESOME will offering the latest songs from their EP 'Fragment of Psyche' that was released last March. This power of Old school death metal can kick your ass, so get ready.

At the time, This fest also announced the present of the rules of Brazilian Grindcore 'EXPURGO'.  

EXPURGO is one of the greatest names of old school Grindcore from Brazil and was born in 2003.  Energetic grindcore with some elements of old school death metal with the unbeliavable rage only the Latin American squads possess.


Meanwhile, The festival is also features different art as they confirm the Slovakia hardcore Punk 'ČAD'.

As you know, ČAD is a trio that collaborates not only in music but also releases books. They write, illustrate and publish. All recordings are released in D.I.Y. style under Vandal records. Their music is fresh, cumbersome and full of enmity.


DESECRATION is one that must be respected at this Festival. Wales Death Metal is ready to perform at the 20th Anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival 2018.

Formed in 1992, and released their first demo in 1993, Desecration caused controversy in 1995, when their debut album 'Gore and Perversion' was infamously seized and incinerated by the local police due to the album's offensive content, and banned upon release. 

Since then they have carried on with their ferocious death metal, and reached as many corners of the globe that they can get their bloody hands on. 

Featuring members of Onslaught and Extreme Noise Terror, Their seventh full-length album 'Cemetery Sickness' was released in 2014 and the band are actively touring to support it.   


Interesting, because we will see the second appearance from Japanese. After 'Butcher ABC' has been announced, it's now turn to One of the most active grind / power violence from there, 

SELF DECONSTRUCTION is a 3-piece Japanese grindcore/power-violenceband, based in Tokyo.  They are one of the most Extreme and energetic band in today’s Japanese music scene.  Their non-stop hybrid grindcore style is described as “Free Style Grindcore”.

And Today, The 20th Anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 is welcome to arrival of SUFFOCATION.  

Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 honoured to welcome them again on the boards of Obscene Extreme. Let yourselves stew in your own juice!!!


The 20th Anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 has also launched a temporary poster, and its appearance below. 

here's temporary Line Up 2018 that have announced and confirmed.

ABORTION (Slovakia - Grind)
ACIDEZ (Mexico - Thrash/D-Beat/Punk)
ANTIGOD (Czech Rep - Death Thrash)
ASOCIAL (Sweden - Old Punk
ASPHYX (Netherland - Death Metal)
BENIGHTED (France - Brutal Death Metal)
BUTCHER ABC (Japan - Goregrind)
ČAD  (Slovakia - Hardcore/Punk)
COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Germany - Goregrind)
CONVULSIONS (Spain - Grind)
DESECRATION (Wales - Death Metal)
DISFIGURED CORPSE (Czech Rep. - Death Grind)
EXPURGO (Brazil - Grindcore)
F.U.B.A.R. (Netherland - Crust/Grind)
FLESHLESS (Czech Rep. - Death metal)
GENERAL SURGERY (Sweden - Goregrind)
GOD MOTHER (Sweden - Hardcore)
GRUESOME (US,Florida - Death Metal)
GUTALAX (Czech Rep. - Goregrind)
HAEMORRHAGE (Spain - Goregrind)
CHEPANG (Nepal - Grind)
JACK (Hungary - Crust/Grind)
LICH KING (US- Thrash Metal)
METH LEPPARD (Australia - Grind)
MOB 47 (Sweden - Punk)
NASHGUL (Spain - Grind)
ROTTEN SOUND (Finland - Grind)
SELF DESTRUCTION (Japan - Grind/Power Violence)
SUFFOCATION (US,Long Island NY - Brutal Death Metal)
TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Malaysia - Grind) 
TORTHARRY (Czech Rep. - Death Metal)
ULTRA-VIOLENCE (Italy - Thrash Metal)
WORMROT (Singapore - Grind)

More bands will be confirmed, and will be posted here.


JULY 18-22, Battlefield-Trutnov-Czech Rep

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