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OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2018 (20th) ANNIVERSARY : July 18-22,Battlefield-Trutnov-Czech Rep. - Line Up Update

Two decades with full of commitment and hard work, is perfectly deserved, to perpetuate that Obscene Extreme is the most respected Underground Festival in the world.  Many bands performed, and has 65 Verified Countries that becomes International Grind Family , is the proof how this fest is very popular and great.  

Next year on July, 18-22 at Battlefield - Trutnov - Czech Rep. They comeback again with this great festival.  Don't miss this time!

On September 2017, they have announced dozens of bands that confirmed will be perform next year.  Among the bands, there is 'ASPHYX', that is believed to be a temporary headliner.  While, Czech Death Grind 'Disfigured Corpse' as a new announced today, that will be perform next year too.  

Today, we are happy to publish the update line up that will be perform at Obscene Extreme 20 Anniversary 2018, and we remain continue to follow the update from this festival. Stay tuned...

here's temporary Line Up 2018 that have announced and confirmed.

ABORTION (Slovakia - Grind)
ACIDEZ (Mexico - Thrash/D-Beat/Punk)
ANTIGOD (Czech Rep - Death Thrash)
ASOCIAL (Sweden - Old Punk
ASPHYX (Netherland - Death Metal)
BENIGHTED (France - Brutal Death Metal)
BUTCHER ABC (Japan - Goregrind)
COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Germany - Goregrind)
CONVULSIONS (Spain - Grind)
DISFIGURED CORPSE (Czech Rep. - Death Grind)
F.U.B.A.R. (Netherland - Crust/Grind)
FLESHLESS (Czech Rep. - Death metal)
GENERAL SURGERY (Sweden - Goregrind)
GOD MOTHER (Sweden - Hardcore)
GUTALAX (Czech Rep. - Goregrind)
HAEMORRHAGE (Spain - Goregrind)
CHEPANG (Nepal - Grind)
JACK (Hungary - Crust/Grind)
LICH KING (US- Thrash Metal)
METH LEPPARD (Australia - Grind)
MOB 47 (Sweden - Punk)
NASHGUL (Spain - Grind)
ROTTEN SOUND (Finland - Grind)
TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Malaysia - Grind)
TORTHARRY (Czech Rep. - Death Metal)
ULTRA-VIOLENCE (Italy - Thrash Metal)
WORMROT (Singapore - Grind)

More bands will be confirmed, and will be posted here.

edit by Argos and Cerberus

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