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VELD Joins Listenable Records for The new coming full-length 'S.I.N' on December 2017

The new material for their upcoming album entitled ’S.I.N.’ to be released on Listenable in 2018 have been crafted. Some guests like Romain Goulon (Benighted , Necrophagist) and Karl Sanders(Nile) have been confirmed to appear on the recordings.

Meanwhile, The new coming album 'S.I.N' has been opened for pre-order here:

This Fifth full-length album will be released on December 12,2017


International (Poland/Belarus) Blackened Death Metal 'VELD' was born in 2001 by mastermind Kiryl Bobryk.

After a series of releases where the band honed their sound in delivering a technically proficient and intense form of unrelenting death metal brutality , the band actively toured with the likes of MAYHEM, VADER, BEHEMOTH , DECAPITATED .

Their merciless live performances brought VELD as the leader in the Belorussian metal scene and one of the most talked about new death metal band from the the entire Eastern block.

As to fulfill his creativity, band leader Kiryl Bobryk even ventured in writing of an instrumental progressive metal album released under his name and entitled ‘ Seeds fo Chaos’.

Released in 2015 VELD’s most recent and strongest work ‘Daemonic - The Art of Dantalian’ really can’t leave any fan unconcerned . This new future genre classic shows a blackened organic side of the band while maintaining the original technical death metal madness and precision VELD has been known for.

VELD are pushing all death metal barriers in terms of musicianship and execution showing a tremendous amount of determination.

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