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'BODY HARVEST' The art and song list for Upcoming full-length album revealed

After 'Futile Creation' was released in 2014, Bristol, UK Relentless Brutal Death Metal 'BODY HARVEST' have returned for their sophomore album that given the titled 'Parasitic Slavery'.  Currently, the band is preparing the album in the studio.  So, there will be news from them, so stay tuned.

At the meantime, Mottla Brutal Art has designed front cover of their 'PARASITIC SLAVERY', and track listing have revealed too.

1. The Wrath of Ra
2. Global Decimation
3. Hierarchy of Grief
4. Consumed By Tyrants
5. Narcissistic Being
6. Parasitic Slavery
7. The Prophet
8. The Endless Ascent
9. Darkness Descends
10. Apocalyptic Abomination

Body Harvest formed in December 2011 originally under the name VYRAL. The Bristol Death Metal Machine write fast and relentless brutal Death Metal, taking influence from the likes of MORBID ANGEL, DECAPITATED, FEAR FACTORY, DEATH, MISERY INDEX etc. 

Body Harvest made their debut on the Bristol music scene in March 2012 opening for EXHUMED and ANNAL NATHRAKH. In their two years together Body Harvest has played with the likes of HOUR OF PENANCE, AURA NOIR, GORGUTS, CEREBRAL BORE and ABYSMAL TORMENT. 

Will Pearson : Drums
Gareth Nash: Vocals/Guitars
Jake 'Mettle' Ettle-Iles: Vocals/Guitars
Dan Shaw Odell: Bass

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