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We have some opinions regarding the new songs from Colombian Brutal Death Metal 'KINGUTS', Brutal Death Metal From Germany, 'BLEEDING HEAVEN', Dutch Old School Death Metal 'GRACELESS' and Death Metal From Chile 'DISEMBOWEL'.  All interesting and We stand by for their Upcoming album.

KINGUTS - Genital Collectors

I dissect the 'Genital Collector' when I wanted to stab my stomach with something sharp and want to tear it up and down continuesly until feel sore to all the organs in my stomach.

A concept to chopping the bowels has been released by Colombian Brutal Death Metal 'KINGUTS' from their upcoming album 'Schizophrenic Universe', and will be released by Thai label 'Swallow Vomit Productions'.

A Tangled Brutal Death Metal with the density of gore and super fast grind, and tumultuous with endless blast, fit for me as a reference, who thirsty for this barbaric brutal concept this year.

I execute this, and I'm ready to keep grasping this bloody and festering knife.

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BLEEDING HEAVEN - Phoenix Lights

I love to listen to this song, and their riffs will be remembered quickly, when finished watched the boring political news on TV.  'Phoenix Lights' is a simple and straightforward concept of brutal death metal.  It's simple but stimulating to listen to it continuesly.  It's straightforward but killing the situation, consummating a lot of anger, as well as against for all dull.

The Phoenix Lights created by Bleeding Heaven for their next album, are quite different from the songs on their previous demos, and a little different from the debut album 'World Eating Anomaly'.  Furthermore, I listened to the element of goregrind, that is displayed assertive and energetic.  And They should have been like this from the first time, due to these seeds have actually been fit on their previous songs, but maybe it needs to be explored more.

It is very interesting to listen to this song while grumbled, and seeing pictures of damn and disgusting politicians.

This song will be on their upcoming album to be released by Morbid Generation Records.

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GRACELESS - Legions of The Fallen

I Never tired to listening this one, although these ears is offered by hundreds of musical genres. It is very difficult to create a truly amazing path, but Dutch Old School Death Metal 'GRACELESS' is able to provide an adventure of the emotional path created in this song.

Old school death metal with this kind of emotional adventure, creates a rage or an afterthought, remembering all grudges, while teeth clenched. I did not know much about the band's story, but their riffs glared my eyes.

Legions of The Fallen will be on their upcoming album 'Shadowlands' to be released by Raw Skull Recordz. So I'll be ready to remember this grudges.

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DISEMBOWEL - IA! IA! Nyarlathotep

These ears are still remember 'The Ancient Cult of Cthulhu' or 'Acto of Invocation',  and today I am happy that Iron BoneHead Productions announced will be release their debut album.

The song-opening riffs are reminiscent and are great, even, it could be becomes a whip or a connection between the riffs created. All Classic death metal lovers will be comfortable to listen to this song. In addition, the combination of black and Death is assertive and bounded to each other. 

You can be angry with this song, you can be silent with this song, or you can be savage with this song. In addition, Anger, Hatred, Violence are united with darkness in a raw one.  So, this is very interesting.

Previously, Disembowel from Chile has released the debut EP 'Act of Invocation' in 2014, and this year, 'IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS' has released it again, if I'm not mistake, it was last July.

Their upcoming debut album titled 'Plagues and Ancient Rites' is should be anticipated.

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