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HAK-ED DAMM Unleashed new song 'MG42' from their upcoming album 'Holocaust Over Dresden'

A few days ago, Satanath Records and Death Portal Studio proclaimed that The Upcoming full-length album titled 'Holocaust over Dresden' from Canadian Black Metal 'HAK-ED DAMM' will be released on November 26th,2017.  

A new song titled 'MG42' has been unleashed, you can listen to that here

This was storming, virulent, exceptional persecute and was a rotting infection.  This was also blacken of all cursed and blasphemous things are there.

I was really feel very abusive and very ferocious , when listened to putrid rhythms and explosive riffs like this one. It was relentless and no compromise for shredded these ears. This song was very powerful, when spiked by attacking vocals, futhermore, it was added to the arrogance of the obsolete in Black Metal, and convincing the soul that had been blackened to wild. 

I'm greatly longed for this one, since 7 years ago with the lunatic of 'Nekrowristfucked', finally answered by Hak -Ed Damm in Holocaust over Dresden.

After 7 years of wandering Canadian black metal band Hak-ed Damm launch their second full-length album just in time for their 10th anniversary! "Holocaust over Dresden", a concept album focused on truthful and horrific events of World War II, delivered with all the power, brutality and sinister ambiance that it deserves to feel immersed into the battle field. 

1. Edelweiss  
2. Holocaust over Dresden
3. MG42  
4. Blooming Grove  
5. Auschwitz-Birkenau  
6. Usine de Mort  
7. Marea Morte  
8. As Kadavers Suddenly Squirt  
9. Jade with the Deflowered Scalp

Silencer (Drums),
Winterthrone (Vocals)
Zaïtsev (Bass)
Exu (Guitars)
Amok (Guitars)

edit by Hephaesthus and Argos
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