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INSATANITY Joins Pathologically Explicit Recordings for Upcoming MCD

After 'The Day God Died (2010)' , They return for a hard work to release a new EP titled 'The Scrolls Of Belial'.  A few days ago, The Mighty 'INSATANITY' are proud to announced that 'The Scrolls Of Belial' will be released by Spanish label 'Pathologically Explicit Recordings'.  Currently, 'The Scrolls Of Belial' is in the mixing and mastering phase.  The new six songs will be unleashed in this new mcd.  Stay tuned for this news here.

In the meantime, Please enjoy their demo song titled 'Demons Within Creation

Seed of Baal
Demons Within Creation 
Upon the Ivory Throne 
Eildolon of the Blind
Cross of Deception 
Who's Hand Embalms


INSATANITY is a cult death metal band from Philadelphia, Now based in Tampa, whose uncompromising style helped to define the American Northeast's uniquely brutal death template, alongside the likes of Vital Remains, Suffocation, and Immolation. 

Formed in 1992, The band immediately began writing material for their self-titled debut demo. This brutal four-song offering was released in February of 1993, and it established Insatanity as one of the most intense metal bands in the Philadelphia area.

Divine Decompostion (LP 1996)
Vengeance From Beyond the Grave (Split 1997)
The Black Stone (EP 2005)
Sheol (Comp 2005)
Dark Friday Overture (EP 2008)
The Day God Died (LP 2010)

Chris Lytle (Bass/Vocals), 
Scott Zupet (Guitar/Vocals),
Gabriel Lewandowski (Drums)

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