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NYCTOPHILIA Unleashed the new single 'Darkness Calls Upon Me'

One-Man Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland 'NYCTOPHILIA', recently released the single titled 'Darkness Calls Upon Me'.  

This new single is taken from the upcoming album that planned to be released early December 2017.  More info will be here. Stay tuned.

If I was asked how to enjoy Black Metal? I will say, when this soul is possessed by thousands of demons. Then, if I was asked when you heard Black Metal? Certainly I said, when under my consciousness was invited to around to all nightmares that never returned, then, to around the sides of misfortune, the sides of fate and the depraved norms that always dive in black, that's when I heard black metal.

Nyctophilia's 'Darkness Calls Upon Me' has been very precise in proving it.  As I heard torturing-screams echoed in the slow part, I feel bounded by the darkness, then, I heard thick-screams in the fast half of the song , like there was tugging at my skin.  And then, between the fast and slow part, that's where I began to be invited to around the side of the reflection and the spiritual sides.

I am satisfied that I have enjoyed the long-term of darkness journey in just 7 minutes. I'm also satisfied when I regain my nightmare in this song, and then, I'm very satisfied when a song is really aimed to generate an emotional fantasy. Thank you.

edit by Hephaesthus
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