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'THE SICKENING' joins Sevared Records to release the Upcoming EP 'Sadistic self mutilation'

Norwegian Brutal Death Metal Act 'THE SICKENING' have announced that Their New EP titled 'Sadistic self mutilation', soon will be available on Sevared Records.  This new EP will be planned to be released in the end of this year (2017).  

'Sadistic self mutilation' contains 3 new songs and a re-recording of an classic.  More news will be coming, so stay here.

In 2016, They have decided to part ways with their bassist Neeraj and guitarist Andreas as not living in the same city that causes an unfortunate strain on their practice-sessions, which are next to impossible at the moment as a whole band.   And Then, they have re-recruited their old friend Stardust on vocals and Steini on Bass, two resourceful local lads, in order to maintain a more steady focus towards progress. And currently, they begun to writing the material for EP and the third album.

Pål "Markspist" Bjerkestrand: Vocals , Guitars
Espen "Beist" Antonsen: Drums
Sigve "Stardust" Torland: Vocals
Stein O. Havnen: Bass

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