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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now


When thousands of disgusting cruel tones reverberate wildly in these ears, And the scent of the ruthlessness of the dark rulers has been smelled, these hands begin to grasp dark thoughts to torture, to destroy and to ravage.

By putting aside moral ethics, hating politics, saying no to commercialism, and killing tendencies, we remain strictly defended and support Death metal and Black metal independently, without involving a commerciality.

We want to say firmly,
''Bastard for all politicians, saying no to commercialism and advertisement, and Kill the trends.''

Metalbleedingcorp are:
Harris Bleeding aka Argos as Owner and Reviewer from Indonesia
Lenius Sprandill aka Cerberus as Owner and Reviewer from Malta
Emilie aka Lilli as Reviewer from Philippines
John C. aka Sigbin as Reviewer from Taiwan
Taskas R.K aka Apollo as Reviewer from Nepal
Andre J.M aka Hephaesthus as Reviewer from Brazil

Great Respect for
Ian Steff aka Hydra as Owner and Reviewer from Minnesota,US , who has died on June 6,2017.  We will always remember your words 

'' Make This site becomes not popular, Dont makes this site Popular, because if this happen, you will no longer be honest, because always think how to get money with Ads.''
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