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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now


Is it possible submit news ?
Highly likely, as long as it is still extreme death metal and black metal.  Unfortunately just this genre.

We can not publish another genres, due to we built Metalbleedingcorp from the uprising and darkness of Death Metal and Black Metal.

Also, Most importantly, we do not support the presence of drum programming in death metal, so do not try to send it here.

How do to Submit the news?
We always publish an article / news by including your band's photo, because it was very basic, to determine that you are a band. we will not be deceived by your music machine, as if, you are a band.

You must include your name, social pages / Homepage and articles. Articles can be brief, because we have the editors that can assemble it in a few paragraphs.

You can submit news/article of your bands,  your friend's bands, your musics, your shows, it's up to you, but we certainly analyze first, about your band history and your band exist.

We were very concentrated to post the FEST recent, if you have the information, send it to us.
With a note, which is a festival of Death metal , black metal and thrash death. Do not try to send a rock show to us.

If it is Clear, send it to us throuh this email:

Is it possible to review the album? 
and is it possible to send the promo through downlink or CD?

Indeed, We did review an album here, if we have plenty of time for it.  

No. We are not stand by for your CD or downlink due to we have never stand by in one place for a long time.  We have jobs that are difficult to predict outside of the music, and we are busy people. Usually, we bought a CD or digital to our own and review them if we had time . Alternatively, we can also review it without buying, and it's done, if we like your music.

What pages that built for this site?
We research, explore and learn at the same time watching the international FESTIVAL. especially, the festival of death metal and Black metal. We post the information and follow the festival information here.  

We do not care about the reputation of the festival, as long as it still exists to keep the extremities of death metal and black metal, we are leading for it.

The second is NEWS. We are very pleased to publish news related to the album, music video and tour dates.   We are very pleased to publish the news related to the album, music video and tour dates. NEWS, we divided into 'Straight News' and Stories / Opinion.  'Straight News', is the news that we were looking for, we are exploring, and can also it is your submissions, band's submission, PR Company,or Labels. Meanwhile, 'Story / Opinion' is our writting about a brief review of the album, or songs.

Still related to the review, DEATH LINES and BLACK LINES, is a review for the demo, promo, Ep, single or whatever you called, which is actually a reference point for us to wait for the band's  full Length album.  It also introduced for us to listen to band's music.

What is the METALBLEEDINGCORP's Mission?
We have a simple mission is to defend the existence of death metal and black metal.

What the reasons why metalbleedingcorp created?
The main , Metalbleedingcorp built as a pleasure , maniac or madness towards Death Metal and Black Metal. Metalbleedingcorp is home to voice a restlessness of the rule of life, revolted by writing about music in particular extreme death metal and black metal, after working tired in outside the music. And Bored to politics and mainstream styles.

We do not expect many readers because we are not focus for money in the civilization of extreme death metal and black metal and absolutely did not expect it, to support the movement. and also, we hate to popularity, so we are here not for it. We already rich with our respective professions.

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